Did you ever wonder if Chinese Medicine really works? I can tell you from experience that it does! Macgyver was a 3 year old black lab when he first saw Dr. Mike Tarrant. He had been having trouble with his ears for over two years at that point. They would get sore and inflamed intermittently and we would take him back to his vet over and over again. The last time this happened his ears were so red and actually had blisters in them. In addition, his Inflammatory Bowel Disease had flaired up again and he was experiencing a lot of diarrhea. With that came a lack of energy, so much so that he didn’t want to play anymore. I couldn’t bear to see him suffer so much so I began to look for another vet for him. I found a site for Dr. Mike on the internet describing his practice and I knew that I had to try something new for Macky. To make a long story short, Dr. Mike examined him, listened to his story patiently, and proposed a course of treatment for him which included Chinese herbs. I am open-minded so I didn’t have a problem with his plan, and I am so happy for this. Macky is now a healthy 5 year old with great energy, a healthy digestive system, and his ear problems are under control. Whenever anything comes up, Dr. Mike has a new plan for him, and so far it has always worked. I might also add that he is now off of Prednisone and Sulfasalazine, which he had been taking for the first 3 years of his life for his Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I would recommend Arbor Creek and Dr. Tarrant for anybody who wants the best care for their pets. Dr. Mike and the entire staff are top-notch in every way. They are caring and professional and you know that you are in the best hands when you are there. I am so grateful for the wonderful care that they have given to my best friend.
Patty F., Overland Park, KS
My dog, Cody, has been sick since last year with vaccine reactions and has been under the care of Blue Pearl off and on. On a regular basis, he is under the care of Dr. Michael Tarrant. I thank God every day for finding Dr. Mike. He has brought Cody and myself through some tough times. He puts you at ease, never hurries, always explains everything, asks if you have questions and even if you worry too much he does not tell you so. They love your pet as much as you do and show it every time you go. His staff is very friendly and you look forward to going back - no hospital odors are present - everything is clean and you feel more like you are at home. We started seeing Dr. Mike in February of this year and Cody is almost well - this was something he could have died from and without the best care he probably would have. He is the love of my life and I was not ready to let go at 11 years of togetherness. I hope for at least 11 more as he completes my life and makes everything else in life seem trivial. I trust Dr. Mike with the care of my baby and that is why I would drive from Tonganoxie to Olathe every day if I needed to. Thank you all so much.
Deborah B., Tonganoxie, KS
For several years I had sought a veterinarian that I felt cared. For me it is not only for the medical treatment of my dogs, but also for my comfort as their "parent." Those of us who are animal lovers know what I am talking about, and those who have "babies" with health issues or special needs, really know what I am talking about. Dr. Mike Tarrant and his staff at Arbor Creek Animal Hospital have been exactly what I was seeking, they are knowledgeable, personable and just a great group of people. They have been serving our veterinarian needs now for 5 years and I look forward to many more! Bad Things Bakery
Christine P., Olathe, KS