FABULOUS!. I can not even begin to tell you how impressed with this pet hospital I am! Dr. Tarrant is fabulous and he staff are warm and caring as well. I went to this hospital because I had an emergency with my dog and in a panic called after hours. Fortunately, for myself and my dog they answered! My dog required surgery that night and the doctor stayed after to talk to me about the procedure and what to expect in the upcoming days/weeks! I left that night feeling confident that my dog was going to be ok and had been in great hands! On our first follow up appointment Dr. Tarrant once again proved to not only be a great vet but a great person! I am a stay at home mom with two small children and a pet that I was trying to limit the time on his wound. You can imagine I had my hands full, Dr. Tarrant offered to carry my dog out to the car. He has gone above and beyond the realm of good quality care. I would recommend this hospital to any and everyone! JOB WELL DONE ARBOR CREEK ANIMAL HOSPITAL!
Jerri P., Olathe, KS
The personal attention that Bear received from all of the staff was wonderful. I felt that both the doctor and the others really cared about his well being. I am definitely satisfied with the treatment he got.
Susan H., Olathe, KS
The staff is friendly and Dr. Tarrant never rushes. He listens and answers any and all questions we have. The best vet around!
Jennifer P., Olathe, KS
My dogs and I absolutely love Dr Tarrant and his staff! Dr Tarrant does a great job collecting info before making an assessment. He always listens and considers everything I say. His office is well worth the long drive for me. I would refer Arbor Creek Animal Hospital in a heartbeat!!
Hillary B., Olathe, KS
I had a great experience at the Arbor Creek Animal Hospital. Everyone there was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I can't wait to return!
Jeremy R., Olathe, KS
Arbor Creek is a professional and caring place. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
Denese L., Olathe, KS
The staff at ACAH is AMAZING!! They are very welcoming and accommodating. I never feel like I am being overcharged or pressured into unnecessary test/treatments. My dog Roxy gets spoiled with treats and love every time we walk through the doors. I feel very blessed and thankful to have found ACAH!!
Jennifer S., Olathe, KS
My heart sank with my 14 year old Lhasa mix's diagnosis of Laryngeal Paralysis. As an old dog, Wendell already suffered from incontinence, and this latest issue with his labored breathing was a real concern. The traditional western treatment for Lar Par is expensive and painful surgery, with some nasty potential side effects (and that is IF a 14 year old would even survive the surgery!) I took Wendell to Dr. T, who started him on Chinese herbs. Within 10 days, Wendell's incontinence was gone. Within 6 weeks, Wendell's breathing returned to normal. Wendell is now almost 15 years young - he feels better, runs and plays with the younger dogs, and acts like a youngster again. Dr. Tarrant would probably tell you that I was quite skeptical when I first took Wendell in to see him. (I had already contacted Rolling Acres about how to proceed when Wendell's time to cross the Rainbow Bridge arrived.) Thank you, Dr. Tarrant and your staff, for allowing Wendell to enjoy a quality life during his golden years.
Debbie H., Olathe, KS
Dr. Tarrant and his staff are the best !!!. We take all of our animals to him. One of my cats injured his back a couple of months ago, Dr Tarrant did accupuncture for his injury and you would never know he had been injured. I am a firm believer in accupuncture when an injury first occurs, Smokie is living proof of that. I don't know what we would do without Dr Tarrant !
Gwen S., Colony, KS
I was at my wits end with the declining health of my senior terrier. After seeing Dr. Tarrant, my dog is much better and continuing to improve on the treatment regimen recommended by Dr. Tarrant. During our visit, I was reassured and calmed by the doctor's knowledge and expertise. I will continue to bring my pets to Dr. Tarrant and highly recommend his clinic if you love your pets!
Pat B., Overland Park, KS