Our Mission

The mission of Arbor Creek Animal Hospital is to provide an integrative approach to Veterinary Medicine. We strive to offer cutting edge services with a holistic approach by blending both Western and Eastern medicine. Our ultimate goal is to provide high quality veterinary care and excellent customer service to pets and their people in a warm and personal environment. We will be a resource that pet owners can trust and turn to for honest and sincere help with their pets’ healthcare needs. We believe that every pet is unique and that the days of just going to the veterinarian for vaccines are passing by. Pet health care is a blend of nutrition, prevention, early detection and appropriate treatment of illness and disease. We believe that an honest and open relationship between the veterinarian, veterinary team and pet owners is pivotal to a pet’s wellbeing. By providing various options for care and treatment for pets, we feel we can assist you in providing the highest quality of life for your pet.


Our Values

  1. Treat all clients, patients and team members with understanding, dignity, respect and compassion.
  2. To provide an atmosphere that is warm and inviting to clients, patients and team members.
  3. To provide a knowledge base and resources for clients in order to empower them to make informed choices for their pets healthcare.
  4. To provide high quality medicine and treatments to pets to ensure that they are living their lives to its full potential.
  5. To provide appropriate pain control and medicine to sick, injured or recovering pets so they are as comfortable as possible. We have a full understanding of how “stoic” pets can be and although they often do not show the traditional signs of pain that people do, they do feel pain. We believe that they should never be in pain if it is treatable or preventable.
  6. To ensure that all members of the veterinary team will strive to continue to learn and grow. This is an ever changing field with a vast amount of new knowledge available to us daily.
  7. We will continue to love what we do, even when it is difficult, emotionally draining or physically exerting. We have chosen to be in this field of work because it is our passion.
  8. To maintain great character, do the right thing for the right reason.

Zen Tarrant..... forever in our hearts....