Full Service Grooming

We provide full service pet grooming. Services include; bath, blow dry, haircuts, nail trims, ear cleaning, ear plucking and anal gland expressions. Additional charge may be applied for dematting, special handling, or flea and tick removal. Other add on services you can choose to get for your pet include; nail grinding, teeth brushing, Furminator (deshedding process), hair color and nail painting. We also offer "start to finish" grooming for an extra charge, which means your groomer has one on one time with your pet and the groom is completed first in, first out without any kennel time.

Our grooming staff also have extensive background with most breeds and are happy to discuss your pet's ideal look.

We do require that the Rabies vaccine be up to date. Please bring an updated copy of the vaccine with you or we can set up an exam for your pet to be looked over and receive the vaccine while it is here being groomed. Please call the main office to schedule grooming appointments.


If you are new to our grooming services, please send us an email at olathevet@gmail.com and our grooming department will reach out quickly with a questionairre and new client sheet to get your pet set up with an appointment and in our system.