Not just another ordinary Olathe vet clinic

We opened our doors on April 14th 2006. We knew that it would be a long road to get started and that it would take a lot of work to earn our client’s trust. We also knew that we did not want to be just another Olathe vet clinic. We wanted a comfortable and inviting animal hospital that pets and people would love. We wanted to have the right equipment to care for those pets in the best possible way. We also wanted to provide alternative veterinary care, not just vaccines. We wanted to offer holistic veterinary care that would focus on pet nutrition, minimal vaccinations, early diagnostics and personally tailored healthcare for pets. Not just one size fits all plans. 

What we did not know when we opened was how amazing it would be to have so many wonderful people and pets through our doors! We are so grateful for all of the pets and people that we have the pleasure of working with. It humbles us to see reviews online and to receive cards in the mail saying thank you. It brightens our day to see the pets and people we have watched grow and to hear how everyone; both pets and people, are doing! We love getting to know everyone that comes in our doors and having the personal connection. THANK YOU!

We are still growing into the hospital we set out to become. We hope that our vision shows through daily to everyone. We hope that we have truly become “Not just another ordinary Olathe vet clinic”! While it may be more difficult to do things differently, it is incredibly rewarding!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us to become who we are today!

Happy 7 year anniversary to Arbor Creek Animal Hospital!

Mike Tarrant DVM, CVA and Natasha Tarrant